Medical stainless steel baskets and sterilization for unbeatable hygiene and safety

TSA inox has designed a wide range of medical baskets, sterilization baskets,... in  stainless steel and the work of stainless steel in all its forms, and soft plastics.

Our permanent stock of standard stainless steel products allows us to respond immediately to your needs.

Our Design Office regularly files patents and design products that best meet your specific needs in terms of :

  • Hygiene (washing and sterilization)
  • Safety for your staff (no risk of injury)
  • Ergonomics

We sell our products to:

  • Distributors equipment for hospitals and clinics (clean rooms, white rooms)
  • Manufacturers and distributors of equipment (surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dentistry, ...)
  • Analytical Laboratories (medical, cheese, meat, ...)
  • Industrial Laboratories (production serum ...)
  • Laundry Machinery Manufacturers (chassis, positioning racks, ...)
  • Manufacturers of autoclaves (sterilization of instruments ...)
  • Manufacturers of cosmetics (soap dispensers, ...)

Special products

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Standards products

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Our products +

A very wide range of products and equipment

Products which do not present any risk of injury and easily sterilizable (elimination of bacteria)

Material : Stainless steel austenitic 316, 316 L, 304 L or 304

Welding wire : electric welding High Frequency

Finishing electrical welding : Electro-polished

Quality : Our products are checked at various stages of production

Our services +

Our Design Office innovates, files Patents, Designs medical baskets, sterilization baskets ... best suited to your needs

We produce all special products on request

Our inventory of standard products allow us a shipment within 48h chrono

Our automated processes allow offer slim prices

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