Autoclaving / Sterilization


Innovative stainless steel Containers and Baskets to decrease your sterilization costs

TSA inox and HPE companies joined to shre their expertise  and offer you the best products and services.

Our Design office innovates (patents)  for improving the performance of our stainless stell sterilization Containers, Baskets, Doypack, Baby food, Pet food, PP intercalaries in terms of :

  • Energy consomption
  • Productivity / Cycle time
  • Quality / Scrap rate
  • Hygiene standards respect
  • Ergonomy

These products are designed for all types of retorts (static, rotary, oscillating) and all energy (steam, immersion, runoff).

We sell our products to:

  • Manufacturers of autoclaves
  • Companies users autoclaves (baby food, pet food, medical)

Special products

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Standards products

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Our products +

Energy Cost: Thermal Inertia (Patent) / Autoclaves Filling Rate

Guidance and maintenance of products / Movement of fluids

Rigidity (easy automation)

Lightness (Patent) to avoid MSD (Musculo Skeletal Disorders)

Material: austenitic stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316 Ti ...

Welding wire : electric welding High Frequency

Profiles and tubes Welding: TIG / MIG (under inert argon gas)

Finishing electric welding and welding TIG / MIG: Stripped - Passivated

Quality: our products are checked at various stages of production

Our services +

Our Design Office innovates and files patents

Our office designs Sterilization containers, Doypack Baskets, Baby food, Pet food, PP Dividers best suited to your needs

Our large production capacity enables us to have reduced delays

Our automated processes enable to offer slim prices